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Not square as in lame, but square as in exact, as in intentional. Square can be precise. It can be deliberate. Intentional, even! When something is "square," it's exact to the millimeter; it's measured and beautiful in its perfection. It takes purposeful thought to achieve such a balance – to make something square yet exquisitely unique.

Square (Slang):

Square is slang for a person who is conventional and old-fashioned, not following the current trends.

"Being a square keeps you from going around in circles."

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Welcome to Only Squares, where we inspire you to live with purpose, precision, and intentionality. Far from being dull or uninspiring, being a 'square' here means being exact and intentional in your actions and mindset.


When we say "square," I'm not talking about being ordinary or unexciting. Instead, the word is a declaration of intentions. It's all about precision — understanding what it takes to make something with laser sharp accuracy and using that to boldly create something terrific! Magnificently exact; confidence in pursuit of something great — that's square!


Being square doesn't have to mean lame. It can be synonymous with exact, intentional and purposeful. You can manifest your desires through focus and meaningful direction. There's such agency that lies within being precise in what you want to achieve and the path with which you will take to get there. Let any square mentalities around you grant yourself intentionality and success – be exacting in why, and what, you come to know.

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